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Greeting from the President


Thank you very much for your continued support and cooperation in the activities of Nippon Paint Surf Chemicals.


Since our start of operation in 1953, we have been working as a team of experts in surface treatment field. We have been contributed to various markets including automobiles, general industry, steel and beverage cans by supplying our state of the art pretreatment agents.

We also have been supplying functional agents which provides various functions in very thin film such as hydrophilic coatings.


Taking advantage of Nippon Paint Holdings Group's strengths, we provide paint and surface treatment agents to our customers on a one-stop basis. In addition, in recent years, we have added a new line of metalworking oils. We can provide total solution of "metal working oils", "surface treatment agents" and "paints" to customer's painting line.


We also have manufacturing facilities in various countries including China, Korea and the U.S and we supply our products through the global network of Nippon Paint Holdings group.


Now that three years have passed since Nippon Paint Surf Chemicals was established as 100% subsidiary of Nippon Paint Holdings in 2015, our next goal is to create next-generation core technologies as the third pillar of our business following the pretreatment agent and hydrophilic agent.


We focus on creating innovations by “chemical reaction” of our 60+ years’ experience and novel ideas generated from in-house innovative talents or alliances with other companies or academic institutions.


We look forward to your continued support for Nippon Paint Surf Chemicals in the future.


January, 2018Satoshi NishimuraPresident, Representative Director of the BoardNippon Paint Surf Chemicals Co., Ltd.



Nippon Paint Surf Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Head Office

4-1-15 Minamishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-8675 Japan


President, Representative Director of the Board    Satoshi Nishimura


Vice President, Director of the Board   Satoshi Ikeda

Director of the Board   Kenji Tsuge


April 1, 2015 (Started its operation in 1953)


100 million JPY